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Senator McPike serves on three legislative committees that review and debate bills: General Laws & TechnologyRehabilitation & Social Services, and Local Government.  Outside of the legislative session,
his colleagues have appointed him to several boards, including the Standards of Learning (SOL) Innovation Committee, the Secure Commonwealth Panel, and the Virginia War Memorial Board

In 2017, Senator McPike was the patron of 19 bills and 6 resolutions. They can be read and tracked with Legislative Information Services.

Nine bills become law on July 1, 2017:

  • SB1113 – this bill reduced the backlog of applications for contractor licensing at the Department of Professional Occupational Regulation.
  • SB1116 – this bill allows school nurses to reinsert the insulin pump of a student with type 1 diabetes if the pump becomes dislodged at school.
  •  SB1117 – this bill directs school counelors to receive part of their continuing education requirement in the area of behavioral distress, including depression, trauma, violence, youth suicide, and substance abuse.
  • SB1118 – this bill provides Line of Duty benefits to certain firefighter trainees that die during training. This will save the family of those like Cecelia Turnbough from spending thousands of dollars in legal fees.
  • SB1122 – this bill requires the Department of Social Services to collect complete contact information from applicants, to improve communication for the transient and most at risk population.
  • SB1123 – this bill requires localities to notify the residents of a mobile home park if the park owner is cited with a violation of health and safety ordinances.
  • SB1354 – this bill requires schools to develop a plan to test their drinking water for lead. Drinking water is tested at the utility, but can become contaminated with lead from solder joints or fixtures within a building.
  • SB1461 – this bill ensures foster children can keep their healthcare while transitioning into adulthood after turning 18.  
  • SB1462 – this bill removes an artificial $50,000 threshold and improves procedures to report suspected financial exploitation of the elderly.




In 2016, Senator McPike was the patron of 16 bills, 12 resolutions, and a number of budget ammednments. They can be read and tracked with Legislative Information Services.

Four bills became law on July 1, 2016:

  • SB515 – permits food trucks in commuter lots in Northern Virginia
  • SB517 – Promotes service disabled veteran businesses in statewide It contracting
  • SB634 – Adds Secretary of Defense and Veterans Affairs to the Secure Commonwealth Panel
  • SB645 – Enables Homeland Security to better communicate with private sector owners of critical infrastructure (both physical and cyber) to promote information sharing.

He was also a co-patron of three additional bills that became law:

  • SB203 - Reduces the number of SOL tests to the minimum required by federal law.
  • SB295 - Lowers fees and extends time table for administrative fees charged for non-payment of tolls.
  • SB621 - Creates framework to protect reicipients of structured settlements from from harmful practices.