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On the Issues

Jeremy McPike is a public servant who has dedicated his life to serving our community.  As a volunteer firefighter and EMT, Jeremy understands the urgency of identifying and solving challenges, and that's the approach he will take to Richmond.

Taking action on our traffic crisis
Like many of us, Jeremy spends two hours every day just getting to and from work. As a father, he knows that time stuck in traffic means time away from our families. Jeremy will fight to get our fair share of transportation funding from Richmond, prioritize Route 28 and Route 1, oppose tolls on I-66, and work to finally extend the Metro and expand VRE services.

Reforming SOL testing and investing in our schools
Jeremy grew up going to our local public schools, the schools that his three daughters go to. He knows firsthand that Virginia's standardized testing system is broken - it doesn't work for parents, it doesn't work for teachers, and it definitely doesn't work for our students. Jeremy will fight to reform SOL testing so teachers can treat students like individuals, instead of teaching to a test, and emphasize the skills needed to succeed in today's economy. And by raising teachers' pay and reducing class sizes, Jeremy knows we can provide our children with the opportunities they deserve.

Reducing gun violence
As a first responder, Jeremy has seen the devastation of gun violence up close. That's why he's committed to advancing commonsense gun safety measures, like universal background checks to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and blocking domestic abusers’ access to firearms.

Creating good jobs closer to home
Jeremy believes that anyone who is willing to work hard should be able to earn enough to support their family, which is why he supports raising the minimum wage in Virginia. Small businesses are the backbone of our local economy because they help create jobs close to home and improve our local infrastructure. As state senator, Jeremy will promote a small business agenda that includes tax incentives for local business, giving Virginia businesses the first crack at state contracts, and supporting efforts to make it easier for employees to telecommute.

Expanding access to quality health care
Jeremy will be a champion for affordable, quality health care in Prince William, Manassas, Manassas Park, and across Virginia. As a firefighter and an EMT, he has seen firsthand where access to preventive care could have helped those in need.  He will fight to expand Medicaid so that more uninsured Virginians, including children, can have access to the health care they need and deserve.

Promoting government accountability and transparency
Jeremy is not a career politician - he will go to Richmond to change the way they do business there. As a 15-year public servant in local government, Jeremy has operated under absolute gift prohibitions without thinking twice - he will work to make sure we hold our elected lawmakers in Richmond to the same standards.

Voters throughout Virginia have lost much of their confidence in the electoral process, due in no small part to gerrymandering in districts across the commonwealth. Politicians have picked their own voters before voters have picked them. As the former Northern Virginia Chair for OneVirginia2021, a bipartisan organization advocating independent and impartial drawing of districts, Jeremy considers fair redistricting one of his fundamental policy goals, even if it means being drawn out of his district in the future.